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Catherine Cooper

Glasruhen Gate, the second book in the bestselling Jack Brenin series, and the sequel to Catherine Cooper’s award winning book ‘The Golden Acorn’. When Jack Brenin found out that, beyond doubt, he was ‘The One’ written about in ancient prophecy, his whole life changed. Now, armed with the golden acorn, his wand, and newly acquired skills, Jack must fulfil his promise to ensure that Glasruhen Gate is opened before it’s too late. Everyone is depending on him.

Glasruhen Gate is the second book in an on-going seven-book series. Jack and Camelin’s adventure continues in Silver Hill, followed by The Lost Treasure of Annwn, The Oak Lord, and The Wichen Tree. The last book in the series, Uriel’s Well, is in progress.

The Map of Beconbury

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Bonus Material for The Glasruhen Gate

Map of Annwn

Map of Glasruhen Village

Map of Beconbury

Compass with Runes

The Book of Shadows

The Runes of Annwn

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“The search for a successor to J.K. Rowling has intensified, and Catherine Cooper is a sure candidate.”

(The Observer)

“Catherine Cooper arrived, with ‘friends’, to demystify the world of writing for children… She had us busy creating characters, delving into treasure chests and picking out a mysterious object to inspire our character and take them on a magical journey. Writing for children means releasing your inner child!

Many thanks for a fab workshop!”

(Wrekin Writers)

Author and local school visits can be made directly through Catherine on the contact page.  For all other bookings, please contact Authors Aloud.

“Be warned, it’s the sort of gripping adventure book that could make you miss your bus stop.”



Verified Amazon Customer

Catherine Cooper – I didn’t think your books could get any better, but I stand corrected!

What a beautifully written story. The Golden Acorn was certainly a pleasant surprise, but Glasruhen Gate is a definite delight to read. The story picks up pace and takes us deeper into the history and mystery surrounding Jack Brenin and friends. It is magical, engaging and with an important lesson that can be conveyed to children of all ages.

I would recommend reading the first book before embarking on the rest of series. Glasruhen Gate is not a stand-alone book and is a continuation of a charming story. This is most certainly the kind of book that will keep both you and your kids entertained, and I cannot wax lyrical enough about it!

Verified Amazon Customer

Glasruhen Gate picks up right from where The Golden Acorn left off. Jack and his friends think they’ve achieved their quest, but their troubles are far from over. The threat to the forest, and to the magical world, grows stronger still and time is running out…

The magic here is very plausible, drawn from the natural world and magical beings, both of which are expanded here with new characters including menacing gargoyles, and new locations as Jack and his friends travel into the magical realm of Anwwn as well as exploring more of the equally magical Shropshire countryside. The landscape is woven beautifully into the story, and there are captivating, detailed maps of all the areas visited in the story.

Another appealing point about Cooper’s stories is that magic, although ever present in the fabric of the landscape and the characters, is used sparingly as a tool by the characters themselves, and goals are achieved through effort, skill and teamwork, rather than simply waving a magic wand. Magic may guide or assist but it’s never substituted for hard work.

These books are intended for children but, because they are so well written, so vividly set, and drawn from a truly original spring of imagination, they will also be enjoyed by adult readers of quality fantasy.