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Map of Glasruhen Village

Map of Beconbury

Crags of Stonytop Ridge

The Toposcope

Steaple Lacy Woods and The Elemental Chairs


I would like to thank everyone who has contributed, in any way, towards the information on this page.

A special thank you to The Place-Names of Shropshire Team at the Institute for Name-Studies, and in particular, I need to give a special mention to…

Jayne Carroll ~ Associate Professor in the History of English and Director, Institute for Name-Studies, Faculty of Arts,

John Baker ~ Associate Professor in Name-Studies, Faculty of Arts,

Dr Susan Kilby ~ Institute for Name-Studies,

and Margaret Gelling (1924 -2009) who began the work on Shropshire place-names, which the team at the University have undertaken to complete.

The beautiful pictures that appear on The Crags of Stonytop Ridge map were taken by Gwyn Norrel and belong to Gwyn’s family. Gwyn sadly passed away in 2009. Born in Shropshire, Gwyn leaves us a wonderful record of the places he loved to visit with these pictures (among many others) that his family have kindly allowed us to share.

Thank you also to the Shropshire websites who have allowed us to link our page to their sites,
to Michael Sheppard and Ron Cooper for their illustrations,
and Michael Jenkins for compiling and creating the Secret Shropshire page.

I hope you’ve had fun exploring the maps.
If you want to ask questions or find out more about the locations in the books,
please use the contact form, and if you want to use the Key to English Place-Names,
please click on the link below and enter the village location of your choice.