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Catherine Cooper

Silver Hill is the third book in the bestselling ‘Adventures of Jack Brenin’ series. With Nora away on a vitally important mission in Annwn, Jack has to cope, on his own, when faced with a problem that could have dire consequences. Will his plan to enter the Spriggan stronghold inside Silver Hill succeed? Will he be able to rescue the last two Dragonettes left on earth from being roasted at a Spriggan Feast? Can he help the Blessed Council save the sleeping Druids trapped inside the Caves of Eternal Rest? A tall order for a small boy, fortunately, he has lots of friends.

Silver Hill is the third book in an on-going seven-book series. Jack and Camelin’s adventure continues in The Lost Treasure of Annwn, followed by The Oak Lord, and The Wichen Tree. The last book in the series, Uriel’s Well, is in progress.

Stonytop Ridge

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Bonus Materials for Sliver Hill

Map of Silver Hill and the Crags of Stonytop Ridge


Finnik the Delve

Dragon Etiquette

Potions and Spells

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“Thank you so much for making such an outstanding contribution to the newly formed Pontesbury and Rea Valley U3A.  Yours was the first input we have had and it set a very high standard.  It was engaging, passionate, funny and thought provoking as well as providing some very sound practical insights into a complex process.  It was lovely as well to hear reading and writing talked about in terms of creativity and pleasure for young children. 

Thank you for all the thought, care and effort you put into the talk – it was much appreciated by the audience.”

(Peter Traves, Chairperson of Pontesbury and Rae Valley U3A)

Author and local school visits can be made directly through Catherine on the contact page. For all other bookings, please contact Authors Aloud.


Verified Amazon Customer

This is the third Jack Brenin book I have read and I have to say as the story develops and we learn more about the characters they just get better and better, I am an adult reader but really enjoy the antics of the group battling good against evil.

I love the way the main story continues but also, that there is a sub-story in each book making them exciting and full of suspense, it is also satisfying that the sub story has a conclusion (I won’t spoil it for future readers but brill ending).

As before I just can’t wait for the next one to come out and to find out what they all get up to next!

Thank you Catherine and keep on writing :O)

Verified Amazon Customer

Another magical book with tales of courage, bravery, and the value of friendships.  They’re definitely making me look at nature in a different way, as the stories immerse you fully and completely into the world of Jack Brenin.

I can’t write anymore.  Must dash, I have the next book in the series to download and read, they’re wonderfully addictive.

Verified Amazon Customer

My both children, aged 8 and 10, are enjoying the series very much. They are on the different books (as it continues in a sequence series) and it is nice to hear them talking about it. The golden Acorn – first book, was a hooking point to become a reader for my 10 years old dyslexic son.  He’d never read that size book before this, and now he is on book 5!  Happy children – happy mum!

Thank you Catherine Cooper for such captivating writing.


I can’t emphasize enough how valuable an experience it is for children to work with a published author
and Catherine’s previous role as a teacher makes her a perfect choice for school visits.”

Suzanne James – Albrighton Primary School