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Catherine Cooper

Will Jack and Camelin find Finnik the Delve, who mysteriously disappeared many years ago and who may hold the key to solving their problem? This complete magical adventure is the latest in the acclaimed Jack Brenin series and takes place during the thirteen days preceding Yule. It’ s a race against time because come Yule, if Jack can’t find Finnik, there will be consequences. The story is about ‘who you are’, and the driving forces within you for no one can escape their essential nature. The Wichen tree of the title is an ancient name for the Rowan tree, and according to folklore its wood, bark and berries are said to have magical properties. The Wichen Tree is the sixth book in an on-going seven-book series about Jack and Camelin.  It’s a complete adventure and will be followed by the last book in the series, Uriel’s Well, which is in progress.

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Within minutes of walking into the classroom, accompanied by her various props – home-made 3D models of some of the main characters in her books (the raven, Camelin was a particular hit with the children), hats and other dressing up materials and magic wands come to mind – the children were entranced, engaged and actively involved. Teachers were superfluous, and the classroom transformed into the magical world so brilliantly invoked in her books.

Catherine’s wide experience of teaching is evident in her excellent classroom management skills, but she also has an innate ability to relate to children and engage with them at any age. I should also mention that, unlike a few other authors who have visited, Catherine is punctual, organised and thoroughly prepared!

Judy Clowes, Literacy link Governor, Mount Pleasant Primary School, Shrewsbury


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I’ve read all these books , I’m a carer for complex care children and they enjoyed these books too. I change Jack’s name to the child I’m looking after and Camelin’s too if there are more children. I’m hoping there are going to be more books to the series as I so need to know how Jack carries on with his duties when his dad comes home.

There’s only one word for these books: FANTASTIC… for all . It’s that good I’ve read them all 4 times now and will more than likely read them all again because they are so good.

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I love this book, I have thoroughly enjoyed every book that Catherine has written in this series. I am the wrong side of 55 ++! But still find these amazing and enjoyable reads, I can’t wait until my grandchildren are old enough to enjoy them. I look forward to the next one!

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I have read the series and they are so cool! I loved them all and I wish there were more. My favourite character is Camelin. I recommend it to all age groups. Each book makes you want to read more!

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A Spin off of The Adventures Of Jack Brenin it’s amazing if you have stayed with Jack all the way this is a great ending to the series please bring out another book!

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Another fab book in the Brenin series I am enjoying it very much if you have read the other books this will not disappoint you.