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Finnik the Delve’s Book of Dragons

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Catherine Cooper

Finnik the Delve has free access to the most secret places that only Druid’s or special people are allowed to enter. He’s a chronicler, storyteller, collector of stories, ancient myths and legends. He’s written many books on various subjects that the custodians of libraries, on earth and Annwn, are always grateful to receive. This is the first of Finnik’s books to be available for Humankind to read and it’s about his favourite subject… dragons!

Finnik the Delve’s Book of Dragons is the first companion book for the Jack Brenin series. More of Finnik’s books will eventually be released for humans to read and enjoy. At the moment, this book is only available to purchase from Pengridion Books or from Catherine Cooper at author events.

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Bardic Tales of Long Ago

Useful Information About Dragonairs

Silver Family Tree

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“Catherine Cooper arrived, with ‘friends’, to demystify the world of writing for children… She had us busy creating characters, delving into treasure chests and picking out a mysterious object to inspire our character and take them on a magical journey. Writing for children means releasing your inner child!

Many thanks for a fab workshop!”

(Wrekin Writers)

Author and local school visits can be made directly through Catherine on the contact page.  For all other bookings, please contact Authors Aloud.

Finnik the Delve’s Book of Dragons is an enchanting, beautifully illustrated accompaniment to a series of books that chronicle the adventures of Jack Brenin, finder of the golden acorn.

Finnik the Delve has, over many years, gleaned information from various sources during his travels. Now, his copious notes have been bound into many volumes.

This is the first of many!



Verified Amazon Customer

Love this magical book. Really made me giggle. Illustrations were brilliant and really helped set the scene.

Verified Amazon Customer

This is a really interesting and well-written book, introducing new readers to the world of Catherine Cooper’s dragons. The illustrations are particularly well suited to the text and really help to bring the book to life.

Verified Amazon Customer

If you are a fan of the Jack Brenin series of books, this book is a must. It tells of the various dragons, their family members, traits, and is full of the most wonderful illustrations.

Verified Amazon Customer

Magnificent writing. Surely Catherine should be the next J K Rowling. Her characters will stimulate the imagination of children of all ages.