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THE LOST TREASURE OF ANNWN Catherine Cooper The Lost Treasure of Annwn is the fourth book in the bestselling ‘Adventures of Jack Brenin’ series. Jack has to prove his worth and wrestle with a daunting mission. To succeed, he has to overcome some of his greatest fears. At the same time he is troubled by dreams about Velindur and has to cope with the local bullies. If he can’t find the missing pieces of the king’s torc, and remake it, there’ll be no coronation in Annwn, at Samhain. The Lost Treasure of Annwn is the fourth book in an on-going seven-book series. It’s about friendship, loyalty, determination, and proving your worth to yourself and others. Jack and Camelin’s adventure continues in The Oak Lord, followed by The Wichen Tree. The last book in the series, Uriel’s Well, is in progress.

The Map of Annwn

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Locations in The Lost Treasure of Annwn

The Lillerton Buggy Race

The Map of Glasruhen Village

The Map of Annwn

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The Flying Squad


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“I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough. I would have no hesitation in saying she would be an asset to any book week or book fair in schools or libraries. We have been lucky enough to have visits from many authors at our school but Catherine has been one of the very few we have asked to come back.”

Deborah Liddle, College Librarian, Tettenhall College

Author and local school visits can be made directly through Catherine on the contact page.  For all other bookings, please contact Authors Aloud.


Verified Amazon Customer


I have recently fallen upon Catherine Cooper “Jack Brenin series” – and I must say they are compelling reading. I have just read all 4 books, and now find I have to wait until the Autumn to read the next installment. Catherine, I would just say very many thanks – your books have just helped me through a very difficult time. I particularly enjoy the way all characters seem to come to life, and leave you feeling as is if you want to find this idyllic village and become part of the story! My family all have kindles and the children also enjoy reading “Jack Brenin” adventures. Thank you so much, we eagerly await his next adventure.

Verified Amazon Customer


I’m a keen reader and have loved all the previous Jack Brenin books. In this book Jack finally makes a friend who is not a magic creature or fair folk but actually a human! It seems Catherine Cooper can still in twine childish fantasy and adventures with the trouble of every day life for a child who despite living with his Grandad for a while now is still having trouble setting in. This book is filled with joy wonder and magic and is easily one of the best books in the saga. I’m surprised to say it is an amazing read from start to end and is perfect for any age. (I’m a teenager)

Verified Amazon Customer


I chose this high rating because this book is amazing! Everything is described so vividly and you really feel like the character is standing right next to you, especially with Velindur! Anyone with a good sense of humour and a hunger for books will read this again and again and again!

Verified Amazon Customer


Fantastic! I have enjoyed reading this book as much as my 3 children have enjoyed listening to it and the three books before. I would recommend these books to anyone that loves to read to their children or to young children that love to read themselves.